Aftercare Instructions...


For the best results and the prolonged life of your wig, we recommend:

  1. Before/after wearing, spray the fibre-hair lightly with conditioning spray, then gently remove any knots and tangles with the fingers.
  2. Scrunched permed models MUST NEVER BE BRUSHED –arrange instead using fingers only or a wide tooth afro comb. Straight or waved styles may be brushed through with a wig brush.
  3. If worn daily wash every 10-14 days otherwise once per month is ok.

Washing Instructions

As fibre hair is non-porous it does not need to be washed as frequently as our own hair. To freshen your wig/hairpiece, follow the steps below:

  1. Prior to washing, remove all knots and tangles paying particular attention to the nape section.
  2. Fill a hand bowl with cold/tepid water and a little fibre shampoo and very gently agitate your wig or hairpiece back and forth in the water.
  3. Gently rinse in clear cold/tepid water. A capful of fibre hair conditioner can be added to the water to help condition the fibre.
  4. Blot gently with a towel to remove excess water.
  5. Place on a poly head or wig stand and allow to dry naturally.
  6. When completely dry, spray with fibre oil conditioner and brush back into style.

Important Notes

NEVER use a hair dryer or tongs/straighteners on fibre hair.

NEVER wash in hot water as this will straighten the fibre hair.

NEVER subject your wig to sudden heat surges i.e. always stand well back when opening your oven & allow the hot air to escape before bending forward. Extreme heat will cause your fibre hair to frizz.


Place your wig in a bowl containing luke warm water. Apply shampoo evenly and gently and agitate the hair into a lather. One shampoo is usually enough.

Rinse using tepid water until all traces of shampoo are removed. Never rinse under high pressure water spray or tap.

Hand squeeze away excess water and apply conditioner suitable for bleached and tinted hair evenly throughout. Work the conditioner into the hair and carefully comb through.

Rinse out the conditioner using a spray of tepid water.

Blot the excess water using a towel and position the wig onto a suitable sized poly head or stand. Take great care at this stage to avoid running the teeth of of a comb or brush through the knotted roots or foundation, as the knots will have absorbed water, expanded and have become looser (this condition will revert as soon as the hair is dry).

All our human hair wigs can be styled using hairdryers, straighteners, curling tongs or heated rollers. However, we would always recommend that you use products to protect the hair – a selection of products are available in our salon.

Should your wig need re-colouring then we can attend to that for you in our salon.


Always comb or brush hair in these areas with the greatest of care especially if the hair is tangled.

Longer hair should always be brushed from ends first and only when fully smoothed out should the brush be taken fully through the hair.

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